* No one to receive guests * Tughlaq durbar by officials l Unbecoming conduct towards scribes * Deserted look at the venue * Pass politics * Confusion of tickets

The scene at the venue of Entertainment Dasara on Maharaja's College Grounds here yesterday held a mirror to the arrangements which were in total disarray. In the absence of any authority to answer for the dismal conditions on the occasion, the officials had an upper hand. The place looked like an orphaned venue.

The reigning stars of Kannada film world, Sudeep of Kichcha fame and Prem, had been invited to the event as chief guests. The latter had reached the venue on time. Sudeep, who arrived from Bangalore after completing his film shooting schedules, was not even taken notice of by those who were in charge. It was only after a fan of the star informed somebody in charge of compering on stage about his arrival, the officials welcomed him and ushered him on to the stage.


An incident of outbreak of fire on the stage during the inauguration of the event created anxious moments for some time. Two lines of electric wires caused a short circuit while the District in-charge Minister S.A. Ramdas, Mayor Sandesh Swamy, actors Sudeep and Prem were busy inaugurating the event by lighting the lamp, resulting in the top of the stage catching fire and emitting smoke.

The security personnel on duty near the stage tried in vain to douse the fire with the help of fire extinguishers as the top of the stage was at a height of nearly 20 feet. In the meanwhile, the fire extinguishing cylinder itself got emptied in less than a minute, leaving those who were trying in put out the fire aghast. However, someone in charge of stage management, reached the location of fire by using iron rods as rungs of a ladder and controlled the fire with water in bottles. The fire episode exposed the unpreparedness of the organisers to deal with emergencies.

Tughlaq Durbar

The officials at the venue were the butt of criticism by the handful of spectators as they were allowing only their relatives and friends near the stage. The Police personnel were seen asking the Press core to vacate their seats to make way for their near and dear ones.

In spite of the scribes showing the pass issued by Vartha Bhavan, the Police were hesitating to allow them to enter. They were told that permission of higher officials was necessary for entering the pandal area and were given the option of viewing the proceedings by standing outside, thus humiliating press personnel.

Entry by tickets had been arranged for viewing Entertainment Dasara. A charge was heard that free passes also had been issued to favoured persons, as a result of which the officials were allowing entry at their whims and fancy.

Seating arrangement had been made expecting a huge number of onlookers. However, only a handful of people turned up, thus giving the venue a deserted look.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore