The Industrial Management Association (IMA) Mysore, in association with Infosys Technologies Ltd, Mysore had this morning organised a half day in-house programme on 'Values and ethics in organisational culture' for industrialists, corporates, professionals, academicians, business leaders and HR & IR personnel.

The programme was addressed by Shiv Khera, the renowned educator, business consultant, entrepreneur and author of the famous self-help book 'You can win' which has the famous quote, "Winners don't do different things, they do things differently."

The programme was aimed to inject new vitality in organisational culture based on values and ethics, to create culture of trust and accountability and to develop a "can do" attitude among the entrepreneurs.

Speaking to a packed house at the Infosys campus, Shiv Khera delivered a motivational session. He stressed on the importance of matching skill and will to achieve success. He also said that the future belongs to two kinds of people — those who have people skills and those who have selling skills.

He also stressed on the need to realise that being legally right is not just enough but to be part of nation building, one has to be more importantly, ethically right. Speaking about being performance-oriented at work, Khera said that for a company or nation to grow and prosper, each employee and each citizen must have a sense of ownership.

The session was filled with anecdotes and catchy phrases that would make the audience introspect and assist them in their endeavours.

The session that began at 9.30 am, ended at 1.30 pm with many city industrialists, businessmen and even doctors attending the session. IMA Vice-President Gopalakrishna Sastry proposed a vote of thanks.