Mysore, Mar. 11 (KCU&RK)- To check the ever-increasing stray dog menace, the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) has launched a novel Animal Birth Control (ABC) scheme from today in association with People For Animal (PFA) Centre located in Roopanagar, Bogadi.

The stray dogs picked up from almost every extension of city are incapacitated to reproduce by surgical removal (neutering) of uteruses and ovaries from bitches and testes from male dogs at the well-equipped veterinary hospital at PFA centre. After recuperation, the dogs will be left behind at the respective places from where they were picked up, according to Corporation Health Officer Dr. Nagaraj.

The entire scheme has been out-sourced to three organisations.

Each team comprises six skilled dog-catchers equipped with sufficient number of nets and assigned specific areas of city. The stray dogs caught are loaded to a lorry and transported to the vet hospital for sterilisation, as learnt from Dr. Nagaraj.

It is also learnt that the neutered stray dogs would be administered anti-rabies vaccine before leaving them back.

The scheme would go on till the number of stray dogs come down drastically with the arrest of reproduction, says Dr. Nagaraj.

The operation of catching stray dogs began at 5.30 am. Many of them caught unaware fell easily to the nets. However, quite a few of them outsmarted the team members by running zigzag and escaping through narrow lanes. The residents were in for an amusing morning show watching the agile canines giving a tough time or a slip for the catchers.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore