Commonly, the area surrounding the hospitals is declared as 'No Sound Zone'. But the patients at the Cheluvamba Hospital here have been facing a lot of problems from the past 4 to 5 days as the hospital authorities have taken up the drilling works at the corridors of the hospitals for laying of granite tiles. The drilling works have been causing problems to the newly-born babies and pregnant women at the hospital.

The drilling of the corridors is also polluting the hospital environment because of the dust that emerges during the process. The works are underway right in front of post-natal and labour wards. Presently, the workers are removing the cement flooring at the corridors. The relatives of the patients who closed the windows to bare the drilling sound expressed unhappiness as it polluted the environment denying fresh air to the patients. They said that the doctors failed to respond to the problems saying that they were not concerned with the matter. Relatives alleged that the hospital authorities did not even consider to shift the patients to a different location before taking up the renovation works.

Medical Superintendent clarifies

Speaking to SOM, Cheluvamba Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Krishnamurthy said development works were being taken after several years at the hospital. The works are being carried out for the benefit of the patients. Though patients feel discomfort during the drilling works, they need to co-operate as it would benefit them in future.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore