Mysore, Mar. 21 (SH)- The best medicine for the patient is the doctor himself. Whatever may be the technical advances in medical science, none of those advances count from patient's angle, opined Dr. C.R. Chandrashekhar, Deputy Medical Superintendent, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore.

He was speaking after presenting degrees to the students of Mysore Medical College and Research Institute (MMC&RI) during 'Summer Dreams 2010' Graduation Day ceremony at Platinum Jubilee auditorium in J.K. Grounds here yesterday.

Introducing the meaning of the word 'Doctor' to the large gathering, the speaker said that the letter 'D' denoted 'doing hard work,' while the letter 'O' stood for 'obliging the needs of the patients as well as their relatives.' The letter 'C' stood for 'cultural competency,' he added.

If the doctors adopted the above essentials of the medical profession, they would find it easy to understand the do's and don'ts relating to patients, the doctor said.

Majority of the youth are intole-rant, desirous of achieving their personal goals unmindful of the outcome, he lamented.

He further said that the letter 'T' reflected the responsibility of the doctor to fix the target and work relentlessly to achieve the same. The letter 'O' represented 'open-mindedness focusing on healing.' The last letter 'R' called for utilising the resources in the most appropriate manner, Dr. Chandrashekhar said.

As much as 60 per cent of the diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and asthma faced by people are psychosomatic and caused by anxiety and worry and not by injury or infection, he said. Only 20 per cent suffer from ailments related to psychology and physical disorders, he added. He advised his listeners to educate the people on medicines, particularly in the backdrop of the advertisements telecast in television channels.

He pleaded with the would-be-doctors to treat patients belonging to weaker sections of society with a charitable outlook or at least showing concessions in charges.

Dr. D. Venkatesha, Director, MMC&RI, administered the oath to the graduates. Dr. S. Prasannashankar, Vice-President, MMC Alumni Association, presided. and Dr. K.S. Gopinath, HCG Director and Dr. P.S. Kaladagi, Principal of the Institute, were present.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore