Dr. Prakash of JSS Hospital in Agrahara and a resident of Vontikoppal in city, staged a one-man protest in front of MCC Zone 1 office in Agrahara yesterday against the delay in getting a khata transferred to his name by the MCC officials.

However, Dr. Prakash got the khata transferred after the protest.


It is reported that Dr. Prakash, who had purchased a residential property at Vidyaranyapuram in 2012, had applied for a change of khata at MCC Zone 1 office in November 2012.

In March 2013, he had paid Rs. 4000 as fee for transfer of khata on instructions from MCC officials. Despite repeated visits to the MCC office, the doctor was unable to get the khata transferred to his name which forced him to resort to one-man protest.

Meanwhile, MCC Zone 1 Assistant Commissioner Raju reacting to Dr. Prakash’s allegations said that the application submitted by Dr. Prakash had been forwarded to the MCC main office on that day itself and added that the Zone office had not indulged in any delaying tactics. He further clarified that the issuance of khata was delayed as many MCC officials had been deployed for election duty.

Not being satisfied, Dr. Prakash reportedly went to the Revenue officer at MCC, where an examination of files revealed that the khata had not been issued.

However, taking cognisance of the delay, the MCC officials immediately issued khata transfer certificate to Dr. Prakash who at last was relieved of the ordeal.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore