In a bid to neutralise the adverse effect of the indefinite stir launched by sand lorry owners, the District Administration is making elaborate arrangements to supply sand to consumers, stated Y.B. Anand, Geologist and Member Secretary of District Sand Committee.

In a press release, he has stated that the District Administration, which was to provide 194 cubic feet or 5.5 cubic metre of sand at Rs. 7850 to the consumers was unable to do so owing to the drivers in spate.

Observing that the lorry owners were selling a truck load of sand in the range of Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 20,000 to consumers, he said that a decision to supply sand to consumers was taken at a meeting held on July 23 in the presence of representatives of the Lorry Owners’ Associations from Nadanahalli check-post.

Later, sand lorries fitted with GPS were given permits on priority basis to licensed house-building societies who had been linked with Aadhar numbers with PWD.

As the floods have resulted in reduction of sand extraction, he said that the District Administration was left with no other choice but to supervise proper distribution of sand at least till the end of monsoon.

He also stated that a proposal to hike freight charges from Rs. 3,850 - Rs. 4,200, keeping in view the difficulties faced by the lorry-owners was rejected by the Assn. members at a meeting held on June 18, following which the DC offered to fix the freight charges at Rs. 4,700. But the meeting remained inconclusive as lorry owners stuck to their demands of Rs. 5,000.

Officials responsible

The District Lorry Owners’ Assn. President B. Revanna yesterday accused the Sr.Geologist of Mines and Geology Dept. and the Member Secretary as being directly responsible for the scarcity of sand.

Replying to the statement made by Geologist Anand, Revanna said that the license duration of all the 10 sand yards had ended last March and only the licenses of Vadayandalli and Hemmige yards have been renewed. Since sand is being supplied only from these two yards, the scarcity has arisen, and the officials are directly responsible, he alleged.

As per the new sand policy, permits were issued for around 20,000 truck-loads of sand at the rate of 800 loads a day till last March, and that, from March to July, citing floods as reason, permits were issued only for 2,400 loads every month.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore