There was an unpleasant spectacle during the Valmiki Jayanthi celebrations at the Music University premises in Lakshmipuram this morning when the Music University Registrar Dr. Basavanna and Music Varsity Vice-Chancellor Dr. Hanumanna Nayaka Dore indulged in a wordy duel.

The incident occurred when Registrar Dr. Basavanna, in his welcome address, reportedly mentioned that when the University was celebrating Gandhi, Ambedkar and other Jayanthis, he could not understand why Basava Jayanthi was left out.

At this point, Dr. Hanumanna Nayaka Dore, sensing that the remark was aimed at him, got up and said that he could not be blamed for that.

However, Dr. Basavanna contended that the remark was not aimed at him. When Dr. Dore accused Dr. Basavanna of being a quarrelsome person, a verbal duel ensued between the two, making the audience wonder at the wordy duel.

Even as the two engaged in verbal duel, pointing fingers at each other, the guests on the stage (Mysore University VC Prof. K.S. Rangappa, litterateur Prof. Kalegowda Nagawara and theatre person Y.M. Puttannaiah) sat unmoved. But the University staff, who were around, rushed to the stage to pacify the two.

When the situation calmed down, Dr. Basavanna continued with his welcome address. Dr. Dore again intervened to disrupt the speech over some remark, which he presumed was once again targeted at him, following which heated arguments ensued between the two and at one point Dr. Dore reportedly accused Dr. Basavanna of being a person with communal mindset.

Irked by Dr. Dore’s remarks, Dr. Basavanna warned him and even asked Dr. Dore to mind his tongue and language. Following this, the dignitaries on the dais too tried to pacify the duo but in vain.

The function resumed after a few minutes, with those on stage choosing to be silent about the episode. Later, when one of the guests Prof. Kalegowda Nagawara was speaking, Dr. Dore who was returning to the stage after a brief break, slipped and fell off from the stage, resulting in bleeding injuries on his legs, following which he was rushed to the hospital.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore