Mysore, June 11 (HT&KMC) – It is time for the four-wheeler drivers in city to learn some parking discipline and decency.

The City Traffic Police, after spending considerable amount of time and energy in disciplining the autorickshaw drivers and two-wheeler riders (who are like the proverbial dog's tail), have now diverted their attention towards the four-wheelers that are haphazardly parked along the main roads and elsewhere in city, causing severe inconvenience to other vehicles and pedestrians.

Vehicle owners found guilty of wrong or haphazard parking will be given a ticket for violating traffic rules, after getting one of the wheels locked with a specially made device. The fines for parking vehicle in the no-parking zone is Rs. 100 and Rs. 200 for haphazard parking.

A demonstration of the Wheel Locking System was presented by the Traffic Police personnel led by DCP (Crime and Traffic) P. Rajendra Prasad on D. Devaraja Urs road last evening, in the presence of Deputy Mayor Pushpalatha Jagannath.

Faulty vehicles will be fitted with the lock and a ticket will be pasted on the car’s windshield. The car will be unlocked by the Police only after the owner or driver of the car has paid the fine at the Police Station notified in the ticket.

Presently, 15 such wheel-locks have been distributed among various Traffic Police Stations in city, said Rajendra Prasad.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore