A dilapidated overhead tank in Jockey Quarters here which was supplying water to houses of KSRP personnel, was demolished yesterday by deploying over 15 workers.

Karnataka Police Housing Society had reportedly constructed the water tank in 1978 to provide water to about 419 houses of KSRP personnel. The tank had a capacity to store 2 lakh litres of water.

Over the last two years owing to poor maintenance, the tank was said to be in a perilous state. A letter to that effect was written to the Police Department. Now the permission to demolish the tank has been obtained, said KSRP Inspector Najundaswamy, speaking to SOM.

The demolition was executed by contractor Rafiq Ahmed. The 8-hour job was accomplished under the security of KSRP personnel. After deciding to demolish the tank, in 2011 a new tank with a capacity of 1.5 lakh litter was constructed and is being used. However on learning that the tank storage capacity was insufficient, an appeal has been sent to the department to construct another new tank with a capacity of one lakh litre.

Two borewells have been sunk in the quarters premises to supply water augmented by supply from Vani Vilas Water Works, according to Police sources.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore