This is a place which not long ago was a well-maintained park called Sanjeevini Park, centrally located besides Kamakshi Hospital in Kuvempunagar. It was a very popular park especially patronised by the elderly and the children.

Then a local Corporator decided to change its name to Happy Man’s Park and to “develop” it. This work has been going on for the last one year. Now a ‘No Entry’ board is hanging at the ghastly entrance with security persons stopping people from entering the place. Even otherwise, the park is not usable, because of the construction material lying all over. Elderly people now sit on the stone base of the grill around the park cursing the administration and the Corporator for this state of affairs.

This wanton destruction of a well-maintained park not only speaks of the collusion between the political masters and the government administrative machinery but also raises the question of violation of many laws, says Chandra Prakash, Convener, Mysore Grahakara Parishat (MGP), in a press release.

1. According to Karnataka Parks, Playfields and Open Spaces (Preservation and Regulation) Act, 1985, no structure can be constructed within a park if it is less than two hectares in area and just a watchman’s shed (not exceeding 30 sq.m.) if the park’s area exceeds two hectares. As against this, in this park an entire area is dug up, provision is being made to construct shops on one side of the boundary of the park, a high level water tank is being constructed, many sheds for the birds and animals have been built and are being built. In brief, the entire park area has been used for the construction of a mini-zoo!!

2. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 is being wantonly flouted as one can see birds and other animals being caged and left without being taken care of. Many birds are said to have been killed for want of necessary care.

3. Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and The Guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority have been flouted.

The MGP, in a press release, has urged the Chief Secretary of Karnataka to order an enquiry into this entire sordid act. It is surprising as to how such wanton violation of laws have occurred and as to how the officers of the Mysore City Corporation have either overlooked or even connived with such blatant violation.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore