Mysore, Mar.30 (SH)- Federation of Associations of Students Folklore have urged the Chief Minister of Karnataka to establish an exclusive University for the study of folklore.

In a letter to the Chief Minister the students have said that study of folklore was a central component of subjects coming under purview of public instruction. It has been recognised as a subject that commands highest respect, having strong traditions and heritage value.

University of Mysore should be credited with providing a strong foundation for study of folklore for first time in India, they avvered. Apart from including studies on folklore as part of the curriculum of M.A. in Kannada as early as 1968 in the University, courses leading to Folklore Diploma are also being conducted. Two year M.A., course in folklore has been started from 1974-75. Folklore has been included as optional subject in B.A. degree course at Maharaja College, Mysore and PES College, Mandya.

In view of the importance of folklore as a subject of study and research as well as many landmark achievements in the academic pursuit of the subject an exclusive University for Folklore should be established, the Federation, which staged a silent protest today, has urged. The activists of the Federation, led by noted litteratteur Prof. Aravinda Malagatti, have in a memorandum requested the DC to empathise with their demand and bring the matter to the attention of the Chief Minister.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore