In an effort to involve people in Mysore Dasara Mahotsava, a Dasara Quiz has been organised from Sept. 28 to Oct. 5 in which 10 questions related to Dasara will be published in prominent dailies each day. Among the correct answers, 5 persons will be selected for prizes every day.

Answers can be sent in person or by post to the Help Desk at Dy. Commissioner's Office within two days of the publication of questions.

Dasara Quiz for Oct. 3

1. What is the name of the Town Hall at Mysore?

2. In which year the old Palace was destroyed by fire?

3. Which is the lake at Mysore which was an inspiration to poet Kuvempu?

4. Who was the world famous Engineer who was the Dewan during the rule of Mysore kings?

5. Who described Mysore kings' rule as Ramarajya?

6. Who was the Mysore king who was titled as Jagajetty?

7. From which film is the song Mysooru Dasara Eshtondu Sundara... ?

8. For which flower Mysore is famous?

9. Where is the first hydro-electric power station in Asia?

10. What is the name of the programme in which Dasara elephants are brought from forest to city?

Note: Answers should reach by Oct. 6.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore