With folk artistes enthralling thousands of youngsters at the Open Air Theatre in Manasagangotri yesterday, curtains came down on the six-day Yuva Sambhrama organised by Dasara Yuva Sambrahma Sub-Committee.

Ever since the extravaganza began, the Open Air Theatre had become a favourite place of meeting for thousands of youngsters from different corners of the city as it was a place where enthusiasm never faded easily with the platform encouraging the creativity of the participants.

Importantly, the Yuva Sambhrama gave an assurance to elders that the younger generation has not deserted the culture which they and their forefathers nursed for centuries.

On all the six days, it was a real sambhrama in terms of the number of participants as it turned out to be an important platform where more than 5000 students of about 150 colleges from across the State got a chance to showcase their talents which received applause from youngsters who thronged the sprawling venue.

Students performed on variety of themes like patriotism, nature conservation and folk arts among others from Gangnam Style to Salsa to Western and Classical dance and music.

The programme presented by girl students of Govt. Arts College of Hassan which featured atrocities committed on women like acid attacks, gangrape and such other crimes received a rousing response from the audience. So also was the ‘Gajamukhana Janma Vruthantha’ staged by girl students of NDRK College of Hassan.

Students of Shanthi Degree College of Malavalli, who danced to the tunes of folk music stole the show by attracting loud cheers from those present as girl students of Govt. PU College in Vontikoppal also received applause when they presented an attractive dance to the tune of ‘Gananayaka’ song.

Girl students of Govt. First Grade College in Srirangapatna who performed folk art ‘Puja Kunitha’ was greeted with cheers and students of Seva Bharathi First Grade College of Chamarajanagar, who danced around a person dressed like Hanumantha also attracted applause.

However, the star attraction of the evening was the presentation of ‘Dollu Kunitha’ by the students of Folklore Studies in Manasagangotri which sent the youth into a tizzy as those assembled jumped on to their feet in joy.

The most eye-catching event of the day was the attractive dance presentation by three ft. tall Madhusudan, the chota dancer from Bangalore who had performed in a TV serial ‘Putani Punter’, who danced to the tune of ‘I am a Rajini fan’ from the Hindi Blockbuster Chennai Express and ended his presentation by delivering a dialogue “Auto hinde hodre dhoolu, hudugiyara hinde hodre golu.”

The Yuva Sambhrama was inaugurated by cine actor and Mandya MP Ramya on Sept. 28.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore