In the wake of increasing number of crimes in city including burglary and chain-snatching, Nazarbad Police undertook an awareness campaign in Ward-58, covering Raghavendra Nagar, near Teresian College and surrounding places today.

Sub-Inspector Yasmeen Taj, Corporator Ananthu and others visited every house in the Ward and distributed handbills on behalf of the Police giving valuable tips to bring down the crime rate.

Some of the salient tips listed in the handbill were:

* Use built-in door locks for the main door of the house.

* Avoid keeping heavy cash and jewels at home and instead, deposit them in banks.

* Inform the area Police Station while going out of station.

* Ask paper delivery boy not to deliver the newspaper while out of town as the pile of papers outside would attract thieves and hint them about your absence.

* Avoid wearing long drooping gold chains which would be easy to snatch.

* Cover the jewels worn in less crowded areas.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore