Mysore, Mar. 17 (DV&KK)- City Corporation officials have halted the construction of a shopping mall in Railway Station on grounds that no permission was taken for its construction. The officials have also seized the construction materials and vehicles.

The Corporation staff, along with the Dhanush team conducted the raid on Friday led by Asst. Commissioner E. Thimmappa. The water tank, sand, jelly crushers and other materials belonging to the contractor Balaji Builders of Bangalore were seized. Even though the building belongs to Railway Department, licence for construction of any building in the limits of the Corporation is necessary, according to Municipal Corporation Act. In this case, the Railway Department has not taken licence, Thimmappa said.

Appeal by the Civil Engineer of Railways not to seize the materials, went in vain. The multipurpose shopping mall is being constructed by Balaji Builders at a cost of Rs. 85 lakh.

The mall is being constructed close to the Railway Station which is a heritage building. The Railway Department has not informed the Corporation about the design of the shopping mall.

The Railway building and Jagjivan Ram Circle in front of it have been identified as heritage zone. Hence, construction of a complex-like building is not possible in this zone, the Corporation officials say.

But, on the other hand, the Railway officials argue that it is not necessary to take licence as Railways is a Central Government organisation.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore