To curb corruption and bring in transparency in public administration, City Police Commissioner Dr. M.A. Saleem hs asked the Police personnel of all Stations in city to voluntarily declare their personal cash on hand in an log note book at the beginning of their duty every day.

He gave instructions to his officers at a meeting held in his office here yesterday to follow the rule immediately.

The declaration of personal money would be monitored by the Station House Officers.

Surprisingly, no mention has been made regarding the declaration of money at the end of the duty hours which actually decides the additions, if any.

Dr. Saleem is said to have introduced the rule to improve the morale of the tribe who are always alleged to be corrupt, demanding money from the public. The rule will be the strict enforcement of the Karnataka Lokayukta Act 1984 and Preve-ntion of Corruption Act 1988.

In fact, it was learnt that the voluntary declaration of personal money was supposed to be followed in every government department handling cash but not enforced strictly till now.

Apart from Police Department, the rule should be followed in Motor Vehicle Department, RTO, Revenue Department, Sub-Registrar’s Office, Commercial Tax and Excise Departments, MUDA, Corporation etc.

Now it has to be waited and seen how the enforcement is going to work in the Police Department. However, Dr. Saleem says that any unacc-ounted personal money found during the surprise check at any time of the day will be treated as an offence and action taken.

—S.T. Ravikumar

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore