Here is a classic example of the development works going on in city sans any forethought which has resulted in unnecessary inconvenience for the public.

A compound is being constructed for the park abutting Hunsur Road in Jayalakshmipuram though it already had a reasonably good grill fence. The ongoing work is believed to be so shabby that the stones removed and mud excavated while removing the grill are dumped carelessly all along the stretch of Hunsur Road besides the park.

Adding further misery, the needed size stones, sand and gravel for constructing the compound have been indiscriminately dumped on the footpath and edge of the road.

The concrete mixer, water tanker and other equipment needed for construction work are also stationed on the road inconveniencing the motorists not to mention the predicament of the pedestrians.

Despite Hunsur Road being a four-lane track with a dividing median, one half of the road near the park has got constricted owing to the ongoing construction work thus throttling the free traffic movement with motorists fuming but the assigned contractor has been going on with the work unmindful of the criticism.

When SOM spoke to a few two-wheeler riders and motorists, they said: “The authorities should have thought of the vehicle density on the road before taking up the work which obviously was unnecessary as a good grill fence was already there around the park. The construction materials could have been stored inside the park or on the other three roads abutting the park thus sparring Hunsur Road.”

They added that the construction work was being supervised by an MCC Engineer who should have pre-planned the arrangements better instead of allowing the contractor to take whimsical decisions.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore