On the first Ashada Friday (July 12) when thousands of people had gathered atop Chamundi Hill here to have the darshan of Goddess Chamundeshwari, it is the usual practice for the rich and powerful to throw their weight around and gain a direct entry to the sanctum sanctorum, without having to wait in the long queue.

However, quite surprisingly, the wife of Chief Minister Siddharamaiah and his second son, sans any fanfare and security, travelled up the Hill in the free KSRTC bus assigned to take devotees to the Hill, starting from the designated stand near the Helipad along with other devotees, stood for hours in the common queue and had Dharma Darshan of the deity, which came to light rather late.

CM’s wife Parvathamma and son Dr. Yathindra visiting the temple as common people without the mandatory security is said to have put the city Police in a piquant situation.

Though her husband Siddharamaiah is the CM, Parvathamma usually does not appear with her husband in any public function, thus possibly making the cops or the general public difficult to identify her. It is customary to provide Police protection to the wife and children of the CM.

Like any commoner, Parvathamma and Dr. Yathindra were said to have arrived at the Lalitha Mahal Hotel helipad and boarded the bus to the hill top to stand in the common queue for darshan. However, while the two were entering the temple, a few Congress activists who were returning after the darshan noticed Parvathamma and identified her as CM’s wife. They informed the cops on duty there to the utter bewilderment of the latter.

However, the cops allowed CM’s wife and son to proceed in the same queue. They later visited other temples atop the hill and offered pujas.

Their simplicity has to be emulated by the family members of our netas and babus.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore