Mysore, June 2 (DV)- The City Zoo has created history by earning a record revenue of Rs.1,21,96,100 during the month of May alone — claimed to be the highest in the history of any Zoo in the country.

The record earning has been made as a result of the highest number of tourists visiting the Zoo this month, that is 4,22,460.

It is said that the number of tourists who have visited the Zoo in the past month is the highest recorded in the Zoo's history. The figure tops even the highest number recorded during the world famous Dasara festival held so far.

Last year during May, the earning was Rs. 83 lakh; this year it has increased by nearly Rs. 39 lakhs.

Mysore Zoo also boasts of the highest number of species, including 1210 animals and 169 birds, both indigenous and exotic varieties.

Animal breeding is done at the City Zoo which not only protects the species that are on the verge of extinction but the abundantly breeding species provide natural food for carnivorous species. For example, excess number of rat snakes and other snakes, the winged creatures, rodents and rabbits are fed to king cobra, python, large cats and other carnivores, a small step towards becoming self-sustainable.

"Last year's total revenue earning was Rs. 7.88 crore, with a profit margin of Rs. 1.50 crore," said Zoo Deputy Director Belliappa and added that additional revenue came from the Karanji Lake.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore