The roads of Mysore city, instead of being developed and upgraded, are now riddled with potholes and cuttings, making the motorists grumble in disgust and swear at the authorities.

There are gaping potholes in the main roads of the city that pose perils for the motorists, especially for the two-wheeler riders and their vehicles.

One example for this is the crater-like pit formed weeks ago in the middle of the road near Hardinge Circle on the busy B.N. Road. The Police, in order to prevent any untoward incident, have placed a metal barricade across the pit. Other smaller potholes all along the length of the road are numerous. Another such large pit is in the middle of the road near the BSNL office close to Hardinge Circle.

One more pit is beside the road near Postal Training Centre in Nazarbad, which stands testimony for the shoddy work undertaken by the authorities concerned. This pit was haphazardly filled up after being dug open to repair a water supply pipeline. Here too the Police have placed a metal barricade to prevent accidents.

Apart from the ample potholes at various places in city, a dangerous one is in Yadavagiri right opposite Sankalp Central Park. Hope the authorities concerned will fill up the large potholes, if not able to repair the entire road.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore