As the sun scorches this side of the earth with a vengeance, water level at the KRS reservoir has gone down to 66.09 feet, almost near its dead storage level of 64 ft, the lowest in many decades.

Expressing concern over the water crisis likely to arise in the city, Association of Concerned and Informed Citizens of Mysore (ACICM), has urged the authorities to call for an emergency meeting of all departments concerned.

ACICM Convener M. Lakshmana has urged the district administration and Mysore City Corporation (MCC) to hold a meeting with technical experts to chalk out an action plan.

In a press statement issued here, he has urged the authorities to consider the issue as a serious matter and act immediately after the counting process (of the votes polled for Assembly elections) tomorrow.

The level of KRS reservoir today is 65.78 ft (maximum capacity is 124.80 ft) against that of 88.53 ft last year.

“The city, which is supposed to receive 310 million litres per day (MLD) of water from Belagola, Hongalli, Melapura and Bidaragodu pumping stations, is receiving not more than 236 MLD due to inefficiency of the pumps at the stations,” said Lakshmana, adding, “As a result, the city is receiving only 106 MLD water presently, (35 cusecs) per day. Mysore requires 120 cusecs per day to meet the drinking water demands.”

“Right Bank Low Level Canal and Varuna, which were receiving water through gravity flow when the water level at KRS was between 68 ft and 74 ft, is now receiving water after it is pumped from the riverbed,” he said.

“The emergency pumps installed at one kilometre downstream of Hongalli pumping station are capable of pumping 36 MLD instead of 100 MLD from Hongalli and Belagola stations. Melapura is pumping 40 MLD instead of 80 MLD, while Bidaragodu is pumping 30 MLD against 60 MLD,” said Lakshmana.

“The live storage is 16,916 cusecs (1.471 TMC) and it can cater to the needs of Mysore, Mandya, Ramanagar and Bangalore for the next 15 days only,” he said.

Lakshmana said that the water level has never touched 64 ft in the history of KRS reservoir. “There are 20 gates below the dead storage level, which have never been opened. This would in fact pose a danger, as the gates are corroded, and releasing water from it would be unsafe for the dam. Also, closing the gates could pose a difficulty,” he added.

He urged the authorities to take a decision at earliest — either to open the gates or to pump the water directly from the reservoir.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore