Mysore, Mar. 31 (KCP&KMC)- Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate P. Manivannan yesterday instructed the Managing Director of CHESCom and heads of related departments to submit reports in the next 24 hours, about the causes and consequences of inadequate power supply in city.

The DC's order comes in the wake of a criminal case filed against the CHESCom MD by advocate B. Arun Kumar, Convenor of Jagruthi, a city-based NGO. The case was filed in the District Magistrate's court stating that incompetence of CHESCom had severely inconvenienced the people of the city, particularly the student community studying for their exams as well as industrial units many of which have temporarily shut down. The complainant, in his plaint under Sec. 133 of Cr.PC, has claimed that the respondent CHESCom has failed in its duty of providing uninterrupted power supply as it is a trading company selling power to the consumer. The petitioner's argument is that when tariff are charged for power supplied, then it is the duty of the respondent to supply power.

The DC has also sought reports from the Assistant Commissioners of Mysore and Hunsur districts, the City Police Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, District Health Officer, MCC Commissioner and the ZP CEO, about CHESCom's poor power supply and its consequences.

The DC has sought reports from the Police to see if there is any correlation between the incidence of crime and power outages since the petitioner had argued that it could be deduced that there was indeed a correlation. Similarly, the DC wanted a report from the District Health Officer to find out to what extent hospital services have been affected by power outages. All the concerned officials have been given 24 hours to file their reports or face action.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore