Issuing of limited forms irks residents

With the Government of India making it mandatory for every citizen to provide his/her Unique Identification number to avail subsidy on LPG cylinders, the city has been witnessing long queues at the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) Zonal Offices located across the city, where the process of issuing Aadhar cards is going on. People have been queuing up from as early as 4 am to obtain just the Aadhar forms.

Meanwhile, the authorities have limited the distribution of Aadhar forms to 35 per day which has caused problems for the residents, who wish to get their forms. With only limited forms available, more than 100 people are queuing up in the Aadhar centres. Those who fail to get the forms are being asked to revisit the centre the next day.

Irked over this, people are complaining about them having to apply leave to their offices in order to get their Aadhar card done. Some of the people, who had queued up at MCC Zonal Office at Akashvani Circle today complained that they had to travel from faraway places such as Bogadi, Hinkal and other areas to get their card done.

They said with only 35 forms being issued every day authorities should make some arrangement to start more centres to help the citizens, especially senior citizens.

People in the queue also included those who had already procured their Aadhar cards. When asked, they complained that the cards they had been given were filled with mistakes, either their names were misspelt or their addresses wrongly printed. Speaking to SOM, Harrison Anthony of Hinkal, said that when complained about the mistakes, the authorities at the office asked him to get it renewed. “But here I have to wait for long hours to get the forms for renewal,” he rued.

Also there are a few people with a complaint that despite them fulfilling the formalities to the get Aadhar card a couple of years back, till now they had not received the cards which had forced them to stand in serpentine queues again to get the new card done. H.S. Parvatharaju, a resident of Gokulam, said that he had fulfilled the formalities to the get Aadhar card in 2010 when the project was launched in Mysore but till now he had not received his card. He also said that when questioned the authorities had no answer as to why he had not received the card. As a result, the citizens are demanding setting up of more Aadhar centres in the city to expedite the process of issuing Aadhar cards.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore