It is learnt that the cash-strafed Mysore City Corporation (MCC) owes a whopping Rs.71.84 crore to contractors as dues accumulated over the past two years.

According to MCC Chief Accounts Officer Chunchegowda, the civic body was not able to pay the bills to contractors since March, 2011 and Sept. 2013 as the revenue target had not been achieved and added that MCC had to bear a monthly maintenance expenditure of Rs. 4.5 crore, which itself was a burden, given the scanty resources.

Speaking at a meeting of the Taxation, Finance and Appeals Sub-Committee of the MCC in city yesterday, he said that the civic body owed Rs. 71.84 crore to various contractors for road repairs, civil and other works implemented by inviting tenders.

He also observed that MCC had not achieved even 50 per cent target in any tax collection and added that out of Rs. 88.16 crore under Self Assesment Property Tax (summing up the dues of 2012) only Rs. 44.28 crore had been collected.

Rs.4.04 crore had been collected out of Rs.12.7 crore through advertisements and Rs. 9.16 crore had been collected against a targetted Rs. 91.74 crore as market rent.

Stating that the MCC, which has a target of collecting Rs. 91.6 crore for the year 2013-14, Chunchegowda added that it has collected Rs. 45.66 crore till October this year.

Standing Committee Chairman B.L. Bhyrappa and members who alleged that officials were responsible for the deficit faced by MCC, added that the officials should shun lethargy and collect taxes according to norms, besides pointing out that they had received complaints against the officials that they were demanding bribes to issue birth and death certificates.

Bhyrappa also directed the officials to prepare a ward-wise list of tax defaulters as well as different sources of revenue to MCC and took Town Planning officials to task for failing to issue Trade License -n time, which he alleged, had hampered the flow of revenue.

Stating that MCC had a target to mobilise Rs. 100 crore through water supply deposit, against which only Rs. 95 lakh had been collected, he said that out of the targeted Rs. 33 crore by way of water cess, the MCC has so far collected only Rs. 15.5 crore. “A sum of Rs. 81 lakh had been collected out of the targeted Rs. 11 crore through Town Planning,” he said.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore