Mysore, June 7 ( JP)- KSRTC is slowly but surely getting a makeover that will change the way bus stations will look for ever.

Speaking to SOM, M.N. Srinivas, Divisional Controller of KSRTC, Mysore Division, said that several hi-tech bus stations are being planned in places like Yelwal, Hootagalli and Kuvempunagar. These bus stations will be much more than a place for buses to pick up or drop the passengers. They will be like super malls with internet kiosks, cafeterias, shops, etc., where a person can also shop and with bus arrival information on LED displays, he will know when and where his bus will arrive and how much time he has left.

Referring to the Bus Day celebrations being held once a month in Bangalore, Srinivas said that KSRTC had attempted the same here in Mysore but that the response for various industrial areas was poor.

"This kind of project, like the one being done in Bangalore, is taken up to encourage people to use public transport. It works in Bangalore because there are many software companies that encourage their staff to use public transport, which is not so in the case of Mysore. The response from the industry here has been poor."

Srinivas also said that KSRTC had introduced several new innovative services like Srirangapatna and KRS trip, which means there will be a bus every 10 minutes.

He said "Why not check on the frequency of Route No. 303 to KRS? You will find that there is a bus leaving and one arriving every 10 minutes. And every bus is packed."

Bus Day

The Bus Day celebrations are being held in Bangalore on the 4th of every month to get people interested in using the public transport system.

According to the Chief Traffic Manager, Bangalore Metro Transport Corporation (BMTC), several studies were done prior to introducing Bus Days, by finding out the commuter profiles as well as number of commuters etc. The Bangalore initiative also found favour with many of the city's IT and IT-related firms that dot the suburbs. The bottomline of the Bus Day initiative is the promotion of BMTC as a sustainable travel option and to create an awareness among people about the same.

But Srinivas says that this cannot work in Mysore as the city lacks a large industry base and most of those who travel from the outskirts of the city are paid an allowance.

Referring to the Traffic Transit Model Centres (TTMC), Srinivas said that this would revolutionise the way bus stations are built and it only remains for people to take pride and help in maintaining the cleanliness of the place.

The creation of TTMC would be in keeping with the image of the city as heritage city where modernity is in harmony with tradition, said Srinivas.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore