An incident of a land-broker selling seven guntas of land by showing an imposter as the owner of the land has been reported in city.

Land-broker Abdul Gaffar’s son Sadiq Abdullah, Shankar of Chattanahalli village and Mujaid-ur-Rehman of Rajeev Nagar are the three involved in the fraudulent deal. A case of cheating has been registered at K.R. Police Station on Wednesday by Inspector C.D. Jagadeesh.

This seven guntas of land bearing Survey No. 85 in Kyathamaranahalli village was purchased an year ago by Mohammed Ghouse of Mysore from Mancha, a resident of Kyathamaranahalli. The sale deed was registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office (North) in Agrahara and names entered in the Encumbrance Certificate (EC).

After being injured in a road accident, Ghouse took a few months’ time to recover and later, in order to build a house on the land, he approached MLA Tanveer Sait for government grants.

Tanveer Sait asked Ghouse to get the relevant documents pertaining to the land’s khatha, taxes paid, etc. As such, Ghouse approached the Sub-Registrar’s office to obtain the land’s EC to submit an application at the Tahasildar’s office.

To the utter dismay of Ghouse, he found that in the EC, it was mentioned that the land was registered in the name of one Mujaid-ur-Rehman. On further enquiry, Ghouse was shocked to find the land had been sold by one Mancha to one Rehman a year ago. He also found that the photo in the registration copy, mentioned as that of Mancha, was actually that of Shankar.

The fraudulent deal: Broker Sadiq Abdullah got Shankar to pose as Mancha and sold the seven guntas land bearing Survey No. 85 for Rs. 10 lakh to Mujaid-ur-Rehman. The sale was registered at the Sub-Registrar’s office.

How it was registered: For the registration, the buyer and seller must produce their photo identity cards. During registration, photographs of both are taken on the spot and printed on the registration copy. The survey sketch (11E sketch) of the land is also attached. Despite all these procedures, how did the imposter manage to attest forgery signature is the question raised here.

Mohammed Ghouse has filed a complaint in writing at K.R. Police Station who are investigating the case.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore