Thousands of people and tourists who come to city everyday are left in the lurch as they are not able to reach their destinations in various extensions across the city due to either fallen sign boards or blank boards which have remained unpainted for many years.

The boards expose the gross neglect on the part of MCC officials and Corporators of respective Wards who conveniently ignore the lack of sufficient and well-painted sign boards in the city.

While there are no sign boards at all in certain areas, the boards existing in many areas have either broken down or are left unpainted which leaves a visitor totally baffled in his/her effort to reach their desired destination.

Though some direction boards in several extensions reveal the name of the extension, they often do not have the details about the cross or the site numbers existing on the roads mainly because they have not been painted properly.

It is high time that MCC takes necessary steps to ensure that each and every sign board in the city is painted afresh with all related information and ensure that those who search for a road or house number can reach their destinations without seeking help from passersby at every crossroad.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore