Foundation stone for Nestle Unit

Nanjangud, July 3 (SH&RK)- The mineral wealth of Karnataka bartered away by the previous government is being conserved by BJP government, remarked Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa.

He was speaking on Friday after laying the foundation stone for the new food processing unit being established by Nestle India Limited here with an investment of Rs. 360 crore.

"The previous governments had transported iron ore and minerals outside State. But our government is generating revenue to the State by conserving mineral wealth," he observed.

"An investment of Rs. 4,110 crore is being made for the textiles and readymade garments sector with job opportunities for women. By investing Rs. 50,000 crore in the power sector during the coming years, the State government would be implementing 49 projects to generate enough power," he declared.

The foundation for the new food processing unit being established by Nestle India is the first step in implementing the agreements reached during the Global Investors Meet held on June 3 and 4 in Bangalore, he said.

"A total of 17 companies had come forward to invest Rs. 68,000 lakh. That would generate 38,000 jobs. The new unit of Nestle being set up at a cost of Rs.380 crore will provide jobs to 630 persons in the first stage. The new enterprise stands as proof of implementation of the agreements reached at Bangalore," he said.

"It is proposed to invest four lakh crore rupees in iron, steel and ce-ment sector. Industries are being established in all 30 districts of the State. There is no substance in the allegation made by Opposition that industries are being set up only in Bangalore and Mysore. They need to be made aware of the truth," he added.

Speaking on the occasion, Antonio Helio Waszyk, CMD, Nestle India Limited, said that the new unit was among the top three in the country and has the distinction of training technical personnel from different parts of the world.

He recalled the co-operation extended by the government of Karnataka in establishing the food processing unit in accordance with the agreement reached during the Investors Meet. Maggi noodles and other products would be manufactured at the new unit, he disclosed.

Murugesh Nirani, Minister for Large and Medium Industries, MP R. Dhruvanarayana, Sanjay Kajoria, Vice-President, Nestle India Limited, Amarjit Singh, Plant-in-Charge Officer and others were present.

Nestle's Maggi by March

The new food product unit in Nanjangud being established by Nestle India Limited will start production from March next. The CMD of the company, Antonio Helio Waszyk disclosed that its popular product, Maggi noodles will be produced in the unit for which the foundation stone was laid on Friday by Chief Minister B.S Yeddyurappa.

The company, which is already manufacturing ‘Maggi’ brand noodles in its units at Goa, Haryana, Punjab and Uttaranchal, will be manufacturing its popular product from Nanjangud unit for the first time in South India, he disclosed.

The new unit being established at an estimated cost of Rs.360 crore will start manufacturing food products from March 2011, providing 6000 jobs, he said. The company’s unit already working in Nanjangud is manufacturing Nescafe drink and the new unit will come up next to it, he said.

Reputed for manufacturing high quality products, the company enjoys the confidence of consumers of its products across the world. Although the company is third globally, its products are of the highest quality, he observed.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore