By Kiran Kumar

With a view to intensify security at the world famous Mysore Palace, the Palace Board has proposed to introduce barcode wristband system to restrict duplication, entry of unauthorised persons and digitally keeping count of the visitors. Along with this, 150 surveillance cameras will be installed in and around the Palace.

The barcode wristband system, already in force at Agra's Taj Mahal and Tirulama Tirupathi temple, would help the security staff to keep an eye on all the visitors in the Palace through a centrally located control room to monitor the activities.

The wristbands will be issued to visitors at the ticket-issuing counters from March this year, for which 'Expression of Interest' tenders will be called by the Board. The wristbands, to be issued in lieu of the tickets, will carry the date and time of entry of the visitor, the serial number and some contact numbers in case of emergencies.

Different colours of bands will be given to foreign tourists, Indian tourists and students.

Software engineer Sanjay, who is in-charge of this programme, told SOM that the wearer of this wristband, when passes through the metal detector at the Palace’s entrance, will relay all relevant information which will be displayed on the computer monitor and the visitor can be tracked within the Palace premises, wherever he or she might be.

The 150 cameras to be installed in addition to the 25 CCTV cameras already existing, will help the Palace Board Deputy Director and the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) in-charge of Palace security to monitor the entire premises from the control room and pass on instructions in case there is a breach of security. These special cameras can do surveillance in the nights too. The security measures are being taken up based on a report submitted by a team of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) who conducted an inspection in 2009-10.

The committee to implement additional security measures comprises the Deputy Commissioner, Police Commissioner, Archaeology and Museums Department Commissioner, CESC Chief Engineer and experts M.P. Nagaraj and Dr. T. Anantha Narayan. IT expert Prahlad Rao is the advisor for this committee.