To keep a tab on poll expenses of candidates during the ensuing Assembly elections, the District Administration has prepared a price list of articles normally used during campaigning based on current market rate. The Deputy Commissioner and District Election Officer C. Shikha in a press release has asked the Returning Officers to provide the price list to all political parties contesting in the Assembly polls, corresponding candidates and to the respective Poll Expenses observers. She has asked the parties and the candidates to furnish the expense details with documents whenever sought by the observers.

“The price of a small Jasmine/ sugandraj garland is Rs. 40, a medium size garland of the same will cost Rs.70 while a bigger garland of these flowers will cost Rs.100.”

No one needs to be taken aback as these are the rates fixed by the Election Commission (EC) on the garlands used by candidates.

The EC, in its determined bid to check extravagant expenditure by contesting candidates, has also fixed rates for garlands of various sizes of various flowers, Mysore Peta, shawl, printed T-shirts, light music programmes, hiring of tongas, use of two wheelers, flower pots, badges, vessels taken for hire for cooking, buckets used for serving and spatula used for serving food during campaign.

While the price of a shawl is fixed at Rs. 250, organising of light music is priced at Rs. 1500, hiring of tongas is fixed at Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3500 per tonga, vessels taken for hire for cooking food for 100 persons is fixed at Rs. 600 and the rate for one spatula is fixed at Rs. 300.

All these expenses incurred by candidates for these facilities will be included in the expenditure incurred by the candidate for campaigning.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore