With the water level at KRS decreasing day by day, the temples which were hitherto submerged in the water at the backwaters are emerging now.

The ‘Gopura’ of Lord Subramanya Temple can be seen at the backwaters as a result of the decrease in water level at KRS. The remaining part of the temple is still submerged in the water. On learning about the emergence of the Gopura, tourists are flocking in large numbers to see it.

Subramanyapura is one of the villages which had submerged in the KRS backwaters. The village had a Lord Subramanya Temple. At the time of dam construction, the people of the village were shifted to another place but the temple was not relocated. This is the first time that the temple Gopura can be seen out of water. Nearer the temple, Mysore Wadiyars had constructed a place called ‘Aramane Thittu’ to watch the scenic beauty of River Cauvery. It is said that Queens used to spend quality time sitting at the place and enjoying nature.

However, it is not been possible now to go near the temple as it is covered by water for about 100 mts.

In a similar situation a few years back, Venugopala Swamy temple emerged from the river which attracted a lot of tourists. Now, since the Subramanya temple has emerged people are excited to see and know more about the temple.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore