The appointment of Prof. C. Basavaraju as Registrar of Mysore University is in violation of norms, according to an enquiry com- mittee report.

The Department of Higher Education issued an order on June 24, 2013 appointing Prof. C. Basavaraju, who was Dean of Law Department, Mysore University, as the University Registrar, as per Section 17/1 of the Karnataka State Universities Act 2000.

CM Siddharamaiah, who was in the Opposition in 2008, had strongly protested against the direct appointment of Basavaraju as a Professor in 2007 citing rampant irregularities in the appointment is now drawing flak, for appointing Prof. Basavaraju as the Registrar in violation of the norms.

The rule book says that those becoming eligible for Registrar should have served the University as a Professor for at least five years and should not be from those appointed directly as Professors in 2007. Also, such candidates should compulsorily mention their record of pre-regularisation service.

The appointment of Prof. Basavaraju, who does not meet any of these three conditions, has raised several eyebrows.

Prof. Basavaraju is said to have been appointed as the Registrar following recommendation of Revenue Minister V. Sreenivasa Prasad. Prior to his appointment, the Principal Secretary of Higher Education Department Rajneesh Goel had dashed off a letter to the University Vice-Chancellor on June 24, 2013 seeking a report on the appointment of Prof. Basavaraju as the Registrar, following which the University Deputy Registrar A.N. Srinivas sent a report on the same day.

Srinivas in his report, mentioned that Prof. Basavaraju joined the University as a reader on Jan. 30, 2003 under backlog vacancy recruitment and his pre-regularisation service record as a reader was declared in 2005. Later, Prof. Basavaraju was appointed as a Professor in a direct appointment in 2007, following which he assumed duty as Professor on July 12, 2007. But following complaints of rampant irregularities in direct appointment, the then Governor appointed a single-member Justice Ranga Vittalachar Committee to probe the matter.

The Ranga Vittalachar Committee, after conducting enquiries, submitted report to the Government on Oct. 5, 2009. Based on the recommendations of the report, the then Principal Secretary of the Higher Education Department had directed the University against promoting the Professors appointed in 2007 and extending benefits to them.

In the wake of the Government’s order, the Mysore University has not declared Prof. Basavaraj’s pre-regularisation service record, the report submitted by Srinivas said.

Although A.N. Srinivas presented all these details to the incumbent Principal Secretary Rajneesh Goel, the Government not caring for the report, issued an order appointing Prof. Basavaraju as the Registrar, which has now turned out to be a controversy, which may cause embarrassment to the Siddharamaiah Government.

What is interesting to note here is that Siddharamaiah when in the Opposition, had vehemently fought against the irregularities in the 2007 appointments, both inside and outside the Assembly. Also, in a letter to Aravind Limbavali, the Higher Education Minister in the then BJP Government, Siddharamaiah had demanded cancellation of appointments, besides seeking registration of criminal cases against all those involved in the irregularities.

It was at the insistence of Siddharamaiah, that the then Governor Rameshwar Thakur had instituted the Ranga Vittalachar probe committee, which in its report had highlighted the irregularities.

Siddharamaiah in his letter, had said that heated arguments had taken place in both the Legislature Houses on the irregularities in the appointment.

Following demands for registration of criminal cases against all those involved in the irregularities, the Mysore University Syndicate meeting held on Mar. 22, 2011 decided that the 2006, 2007 appointments of teaching faculty was in violation of norms.

Taking note of the violation of the reservation roster, discrimination in the award of marks and service record and violation in qualification and eligibility norms, Siddharamaiah, had urged cancellation of the illegal teaching faculty appointments, just as the Bijapur. Women’s University did in cancelling the illegal appointment it had made.

Siddu’s U-turn

Now after becoming the Chief Minister, Siddharamaiah has made a complete U-turn, by appointing Prof. Basavaraju as the University Registrar, whom he had accused of being one of the beneficiaries of the illegal appointments made in 2007.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore