Mysore city Zoo is said to be passing through a phase of hectic developmental activities under JNNURM and prominent among them is the upgradation of animal enclosures.

The enclosures housing tigers and elephants have been provided with artificial water falls and an ambience of forest has been created so that the animals could relish the near-natural habitat of theirs, according to Zoo Executive Director B.P. Ravi.

Briefing SOM further, Ravi said, "The elephants' enclosure has been provided with high rise wooden platforms so that they can fetch leaves of trees simulating a forest-like situation. Revamping of enclosures and rain water harvesting scheme has been funded under JNNURM to a tune of Rs. 31 crore."

"The day kraal for tigers has been provided with two small artificial water falls (12 ft high) along with a tiny pond so that the tigers can play in water and cool themselves during summer. Earlier only one tiger used to be let in to the day kraal but now two can be allowed and four if they are pairs. Similarly the elephants in their enclosure can enjoy under the bigger water fall (about 24 ft high). The water can be purified and released again thus minimising the consumption. Other enclosures housing Chimpanzee, Capuchin monkeys, wolves and other animals too have been modernised," explained Ravi.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore