The biting spree leaves 30 injured

Mysore, Mar. 14 (KCU&KK)- A dog said to be rabid has attacked more than 30 villagers in the small hamlets bordering Mysore and Srirangapatna taluks.

Early this morning, this dog was spotted in the villages of Hampapura, Huralikyathanahalli, Bhugathahalli and Chikkanahalli of rural Mysore.

The dog began its attacking spree by first attacking eight-year-old Satish at around 7.30 am. When the boy’s father went to his rescue, he too was bitten. The dog then made off to another place and bit several other persons, it is learnt. It is reported that the dog bites were quite severe and all 30 are being treated at K.R. Hospital. Victims range from a child of 2 to a middle-aged person of 50.

Villagers claim that the dog may have been reared by a local farmer and had obviously got itself loose. The villagers say that the dog was huge in size and they had not seen a dog of that size ever before.

Meanwhile, the patients were initially in a fix as the doctors did not know what to make of the so-called dog bites and were alleged to have told the victims to go to the epidemic hospital. The villagers insist that they were bitten by the dog, yet the doctors seemed to doubt the veracity of the story.

However, Hospital Medical Supdt. Dr. Geetha Avadhani pacified the villagers and said that the hospital had a good stock of the anti-rabies vaccine and all would be given proper treatment.

Tahasildar Geetha Krishna told SOM that the respective Village Accountants and Panchayat Executive Officers have been alerted over the rabid dog menace. "The villagers too are keeping good vigil to catch the dog which has been hiding somewhere. The help of City Corporation authorities and rural Police too have been sought to catch the rabid dog," he said.

Beginning of another Urban Legend?

In the absence of credible information, it is easy to jump to conclusions just like the Urban Legend. The presence of a rare Clouded Jungle Cat on Chamundi Hill created another fear of a omen coming true. Nothing is known about this rabid dog which the villagers claim to be as big as a donkey. It is a pity that the villagers, instead of putting an end to the canine on their own, became hapless victims.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore