Mysore, July 4 (KCU)- The polls to Legislative Council from South Graduates constituency has brought to light a very distressing factor that could be a pointer to political parties or in general, the democratic set-up.

The startling observation was that 3,692 votes (out of the total 46,887 votes polled) were found to be invalid, amounting to nearly 8 per cent. That does not mean such voters are illiterate or negligent. They are graduates and many of them could be intellectuals too.

Many of them are learnt to have rejected all candidates in a "democratic manner". Voicing their opinions, a few have reportedly written on the ballot paper — "All candidates are unfit and worthless; my vote is not for ineligible candidates, all being tainted. I do not feel like choosing anyone."

It is learnt that a few more such voters have expressed their opinions in much more sarcastic, harsh and unparliamentary language, adding that all were unworthy.

A few, going further, have reportedly used a regular pen, instead of the sketch pen offered to mark the choice, to disfigure the ballot papers scribbling everywhere and signing too. Some had affixed their left thumb impression. Whether they were mocking at themselves or the candidates, is anybody's guess.

Literates, especially graduates, being indifferent to the polls, rocks the basic ethos of democracy. Imagine if the polling is made compulsory as some have suggested. The number of invalid votes with candid analyses of candidates will surely swell enormously.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore