Anxiety prevailed in front of Big Bazaar on JLB Road in city this morning following a swarm of honey-bees attacking the passersby.

The incident occurred when MCC personnel, who were undertaking pavement repair works in front of the shopping mall using a JCB, disturbed the beehive atop a tree.

As soon as the hive was disturbed, the bees attacked passersby and stung 3 people, who have been identified as Syed, Shahjaan and the identity of other victim is yet to be ascertained. Sources said that the third victim was an elderly woman.

All the three have been shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. When people saw honey-bees on the attack, they ran helter-skelter to save themselves from being stung. Later, MCC Health Department officials rushed to the spot but by the time they could arrive, the bees had already accomplished their ‘sting mission.’

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore