Mysore, Mar. 29 (HT,DM& RK)- In two separate incidents, two elderly women were relieved of their gold chains yesterday.

In the first incident, the woman was relieved of her 30 gram gold chain by unidentified miscreants on Ramanuja road in city last evening.

Hemalatha, 65, a resident of 15th Cross, Agrahara, is the woman who lost her gold chain after being deceived by three unidentified miscreants.

Hemalatha was walking on Ramanuja Road at 5 pm when two miscreants stopped her and alerted her of chain-snatchers. Even as she was listening to them, another stranger who happened to come on a motor cycle, while cautioning of chain-snatchers, lured her into removing her chain and handing it over to him, following which he enacted a drama of putting it back in her purse. After handing over the purse to her, the three sped on the motorcycle in a flash.

Hemalatha, after walking for some distance, got suspicious and opened her purse only to find her gold chain missing. Her search for the miscreants proved futile. K.R. Puram Police have registered a case in this regard and are investigating.

Chain-snatching in KRS

In the second incident, Shivamma, 55, a resident of Pump House in Srirangapatna Taluk, was relieved of her gold ornaments weighing 50 grams by miscreants in KRS Police Station limits yesterday.

Shivamma had gone to KRS weekly shandy yesterday for making purchases when she noticed money (Rs. 10,500) dropping out of the pocket of a person at the shandy near KRS Police Station at about 1.45 pm.

On noticing the money falling from his pocket, Shivamma shouted loudly at the stranger, who continued to walk ahead without bothering to respond to her. By then four youth, all in the age group of 15-25 years, who happened to stand nearby watching the development, approached Shivamma saying that the man had walked away and they can share the money.

As soon as Shivamma picked up the money, the youth lured her to a lonely spot beside a small temple located near the Helipad. The youth after receiving the money from her under the pretext of sharing it, asked her to remove her gold ornaments totally weighing 50 grams (25 grams mangalsutra and 25 grams gold bangle) for securing them, as miscreants wandered about in the shandy.

Trusting them, an unsuspecting Shivamma removed her gold ornaments and offered them to the youth, who pretended to wrap them in a paper.

The youth then placed the 'cover' containing glass bangles and stones in the bag which Shivamma had brought along. Later claiming that both the money and jewels were placed in her bag, they fled from the spot in a flash leaving her behind.

Shivamma, who was unsuspectful even then, walked her way to the shandy ground where she opened her bag only to discover some glass bangles and stones in the cover.

Realising that she had been duped, Shivamma made a frantic search for the youth and after being unable to trace them, lodged a complaint at KRS Police Station.

KRS PSI Venkateshaiah has registered a case in this regard and is investigating.

Courtesy : Star Of Mysore