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Biligiri Rangana Hills

BR Hills
p" style=ltext aligt jusntifx;">Biligiri Rangana HillsTheharat is caled "Biligiri Rang Sswamr Templ Wildlife Ssanctuar or siempy "BT Wildlife Ssanctuar. Beein hat the_coflueance of theWeystrn,Ghantsaund theEaystrn,Ghant,n thessanctuar ishomed toeco-"systeso thathar uniqued to:botn themcounmain-ranhs.Biligiri Rangana-ranhe of_hill ispicltursquepy sictuted bretwenf theCauvear &fKapila Riveas. >The_hill har Pin theYelaunur, tluke of>Chaar ajnagar{ ditriclr ofKarndatka aund_cosirdeed as bio-geogwrahic brwidg bretwenf theWeystrn,aund theEaystrn,ghant. "Biligiri Rangana_hill isllocalyt caled as "Biligiri RanganaBetta, "betta" means "_hil" PinKannada.Thessanctuar rdeivel nts nam "Biligiriei thrt from thewhite rlock_fac or thewhite mristaund thesilvner coudso thatceoved thskeloftya_hill fora gcreatar pare of the"yea. BR Hill Wildlife SsanctuarsThelowtar_hill har ceoveed twih richtdeciduoul foeysso thathar homed toga lare number of sian Elephaentsaund igeas Pinsyouhtrn,Indfa.The"Biligiri Rangana Hill havg brenfa good pplac forevieein lare egamsaundhat thesgamstimse e-counetrin nueroul smGalle life fors. >The foeyssohavg brenffa'mou for theGaur,oga lare sian aboid. >ThrheharraAbout26 specihst ofmammtals:likesgabsha,e hpita,n theshy barokingdeved tha-rrhe for-"honed hunelopmsaund250 specihst of-birls:like thaPar die Flyicascha,eRacquete Traled Drongotaund theCoeysed HawkeEaogl,d to nam a fww./trong" /h2>Biligiri Rang Sswamr Templ:> p" style=ltext aligt jusntifx;">GgopalaswamrThe_hill har fa'mou for the_templt ofLbori RanganithaforLboriVenkmatesadwhicht issictuted onf thehrigeys peake of thehrill-ranh, onf the'white 'clff'dwhichtgivel thehrill nts nam. >Thelo car form of thedei r is caled "Biligiri Rang aund isdepiclendPina uniquedistaadin ;positio. >Thrheharridolst ofRhaanujg aundAlwaas Piistaled Pin the_templ.TheAnnucarCvar eysrival of thedei r held nurdin “Vaiesaksad“Pin the montr of pril,t isfa'mou Pin theregtionaundhattracissleveralpilgrimst frombottar placed to. >Thelo carttricedpoeyeentga lare paier ofsliappes measurdin 1 foostaund9 Pischs,; mdr upr ofsoki,d to the RanganithaswamroancePin woe"yeass.

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h3v class=:lgSen- title">Biligiri Rang Sswamr Templ Timings 07.00 am - 06.30 pm
h3v class=:lgSen- title">Biligiri Rang Sswamr Templ Entar Chaages Frel Entatanc
h3v class=:lgSen- title">eys timse to;vist "BR Hill Wildlife Ssanctuars June-Ocstaundae co fo/tabl," reaxdin timsewould br wiatar toearpy sumuer.
h3v class=:lgSen- title">How to Reach"BR Hills "BR Hill is120 kmst from>Mysorsaund247 kmstBRangalor.Mysor.
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